Pathtag DesignerGraphic Software

  • System Requirements

    : IBM PC or 100% compatible
    : Pentium min. 200 MHz
    : Windows XP/Vista/7..10
    : Screen, min. 1200 x 900 pixels
    : Min. 30 MB free hard disk space
    : Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher

    www.pathtags - Official website
    Screens - More Screen printings

What Are Pathtags?

Pathtags are personal trading items. Used most often in Geocaching, they are also very handy for Scouting, Military and Promotional use. Our online gallery displays many of the thousands of tags which have been designed by individuals and produced by us. Our page provides a more detailed introduction to what Pathtags are. There are lots of detailed examples, please be patient while they load. The physical Pathtag integrates with our online community to enable collecting and trading of tags with others from all over the world. To learn about the Pathtags Community, visit the Pathtags Community Tour. A Pathtag is a single-sided custom metal tag about the size and weight of a U.S. Quarter or a one Euro coin. The precise dimension of Pathtags are 23 mm in diameter and 2.0 mm thick. Pathtags are made from a solid iron base and are plated in a protective colored plating of either silver, gold, copper, or black nickel. (Source :

Pathtag Designer

Pathtag Designer is a program to design your own Pathtags; it is a full-fledged drawing program with all the possibilities such as...

  • Drawing lines, rectangles, ellips, pentagon, hexagon, arc, pie and many others shapes.
  • Flip left and right, rotate 90 and 45 degrees, information about PMS colors.
  • A comprehensive English and Dutch-language help feature.
  • A color menu with all 1120 PMS colours, draw normal text and curved text.
  • Ability to print Pathtag with PMS color palette and info of the design.
  • Export Pathtag design to a JPG image to the size of 500 x 500 pixels, possibly with PMS colors.
  • Menu for choosing the material and borders with or without holes.
  • More than 20 graphic filters for editing the pathtag and many more possibilities.
  • Downloads

    This is the newest release of Pathtag Designer. Here you can download this program for free. More online help on Youtube with 5 movies. Also check out the Philately page for information about collecting stamps. On the website of are 5 movies to see how the program should be operated. This is the link to the first of 5 online help movies on


  • Nov. 2014 - Change te destination folder for export JPG files to de folder 'My Pictures'
  • Sept. 2014 - Move clipart and other images with the mousecursor over another Pathtag design.